Technological foresight—the use of biotechnology in the development of new drugs against breast cancer

The aim of the study is to demonstrate knowledge and information management as a mechanism for developing technological foresight regarding the use of biotechnology in drugs for breast cancer. The methodology applies competitive intelligence (CI) tools to identify international trends concerning drugs for treatment and/or diagnosis, and to identify leading institutions.

The study was performed by collecting, treating and analyzing information extracted from specialized databases and patent databases. Subsequently, knowledge maps were generated, which could serve to guide the development of the health sector that works in the area of breast cancer, supplying a basis for decision-making and for the construction of a vision of the future. The article shows the results of data mining in specialized medical and patent databases with regard to the use of biotechnology in the treatment of breast cancer, identifying the most frequently cited new drugs and drug combinations, as well as the authors of research (articles) and the creators of new technology (patents) at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Authors: Claudia Canongia, Adelaide Antunes, Maria de Nazaré Freitas Pereira
Organizations Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology
Source: Technovation
Year: 2007

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