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Global TechMining Conferences

Since 2011, “TechMining” professionals have been gathering in a variety of forums to ENGAGE their cross-disciplinary network of analysts, software specialists, researchers, policymakers, and managers to ADVANCE the use of textual information in multiple science, technology, and business development fields.

Information for the 13th Annual Global TechMining Conference on November 10, 2023!

Below is an archive of Global TechMining Conference Proceedings (short papers and presentations) Click on the YEAR to view Proceedings page:

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GTM Forums on Data Science, TechMining and Innovation

In 2013, a small gathering of mostly UK located text-analytic practitioners gathered in Manchester for a Forum on Data Science, TechMining and Innovation. The forum was a success and the format is now available for other regions to replicate. The objective of the forums is to enhance local text-analytic capabilities by providing a professional venue for: sharing current research in progress, obtaining in-depth peer feedback on methods, matching approach to research type, data issues, etc., and building local relationship for future collaborations.

Past agendas and presentations:

Advanced IP Analytics for Research Workshop 2019

Over the last 20 years, a great deal of effort has been put into advancing the use of IP analytics in research. The largest hurdle –easing access to patent information– is more or less resolved.  However, there is a shortage of guidance for researchers on the use of patent analytics, and in-depth exploration is still limited to a few academic centers.

VPInstitute sponsored an Advanced IP Analytics for Research Workshop to discuss a path forward to creating resources for the use of IP analytics in research on Wednesday –  October 16, 2019 in Atlanta, GA in the Hodges Room of the Georgia Tech Centergy Building, home of the Georgia Tech Science, Technology and Innovation Policy program.

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