Evaluating Olympic Technology Development: Use of Literature Analysis Based on Science Citation Index

As one of the three concepts which Beijing Olympics executed, “Hi-tech Olympics” policy provided satisfactory technical support and security guarantee for the Olympic Games from beginning to end. To provide support to assess the science and technology development of the 29th Olympic Games and other national key projects, this paper analyzes keywords, disciplines and states distribution of SCI literature with the background of Hi-tech Olympic policy by using bibliometrics, literature analysis and technology roadmapping, then extracts and establishes an evaluation framework which can be used in technology development evaluation in view of other national key projects like Olympics.

Moreover, an empirical study of construction technology proves the applicability of this evaluation framework.

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Author(s): Hongshu Chen, Donghua Zhu, Xuefeng Wang, Yi Zhang, Xiaoguang Lu, Jing Xu, Xiaofan Heng, Changli Liu, Jin Tang
Organization(s): Beijing Institute of Technology
Source: International Conference on Computer Communication and Management
Year: 2011

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