Measuring Tech Emergence

2018-2019 Contest & Conference Track

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Detecting and forecasting emerging R&D topics can help focus research policy, program management, and individual research agendas. The VPInstitute is sponsoring a Measuring Tech Emergence “Contest” and complementary paper track at the 9th Global TechMining (GTM2019) “Conference” to stimulate thinking about emergence and tech mining [text analyses of Science & Technology (S&T) information resources] to generate novel and viable indicators.

Who may participate? The contest is open to individuals or teams associated with academic, non-profit, or governmental organizations. A team member needs to be available to present at the GTM2019 conference in Atlanta, GA. We especially encourage student and/or academic research groups. Anyone (i.e. contest and non-contest participants) may propose a presentation for the Measuring Tech Emergence track at GTM2019. .

Key dates:

  • October-December 2018 CONTEST PRE-REGISTRATION. Submit your intent to participate by completing the on-line pre-registration form with name(s) of likely participant(s) as well as your initial ideas and interests.
  • January 2019CONTEST REGISTRATION and DISTRIBUTION OF PRACTICE DATASETS. Pre-registrants will be asked to approve a data “End User Agreement” from contest data-provider Clarivate (submission deadline February 25, 2019). Three practice WoS datasets will be provided (free) to each registrant. Each practice dataset will contain WoS search results on a given domain for 12 years (e.g., ~10,000 abstract records on synthetic biology to give you 10 years of data to analyze so as to best predict activity in the following 2 years).
  •  April 2019CONTEST. We will provide the contest dataset on April 22nd requiring you to send back your list of emerging topics in 10 days on May 1st with a brief description of your algorithm/process.
  • February – April 2019CONFERENCE SUBMISSION PERIOD. GTM2019 will be accepting abstract submissions for the Measuring Tech Emergence track.
  • October 17, 2019CONTEST AWARD. The winner and second prize will be awarded at the 9th Global Tech Mining (GTM2019) Conference in Atlanta, GA. MEASURING TECH EMERGENCE SPECIAL SESSION. We hope you all will be able to attend to as an opportunity to collectively assess and benefit from contest participant and other’s research into this vital area.

Measuring Tech Emergence OVERVIEW

Measuring Tech Emergence CONTEST

Measuring Tech Emergence CONFERENCE track at GTM2019

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