Global TechMining Conference 2017

Proceedings of the 7th Global TechMining Conference
October 9, 2017. Atlanta, GA


Bart Thijs, Diane Gal, Mehmet Abdulhayoglu and Wolfgang Glänzel
Large-scale topic networks: can we improve efficiency and obtain similar results using LSH? ( abstract )

Yun Chen, Xuefeng Wang, Huichao Ren, Ying Wang and Zhinan Wang
Measuring Patent Similarity Based on SAO Semantic Analysis ( abstract ) (presentation)

Davit Khachatryan and Brigitte Muehlmann
Drafting Alignment of Business Method Patent Documents: A Text-mining Approach (abstract )


Jan Youtie, Stephen Carley, Alan Porter and Philip Shapira
Tracking researchers and their outputs: New insights from ORCID IDs (abstract )

Stephen Carley, Alan Porter and Jan Youtie
A Multi-Field Approach to the Author Uncertainty Problem ( abstract) (Presentation)

Peter Van Den Besselaar, Ali Khalili and Ulf Sandstrom
Evaluating research portfolio’s through ontology based text annotation (abstract )

Session 2A: EMERGENCE 1

Jos Winnink
Analysing the science-technology link using interlinked databases ( abstract )

Zhengyin Hu, Hongshen Pang, Xiaochu Qin, Ling Wei, Kun Dong, Haiyun Xu and Yibing Song
Identifying Research Fronts Based on Scientific Papers and Patents using Topic Model: Case Study on Regenerative Medicine ( abstract ) (presentation)

Peter Evans and Rich Corken
Identifying potentially commercially disruptive technologies (abstract ) (presentation)


Sanjay Arora, Evgeny Klochikhin and Sarah Kelley
The Web of Innovation: Using Website Data to Understand How Firms Innovate (abstract) (presentation)

Rainer Frietsch and Peter Neuhaeusler
Identifying research labs of MNEs and analyzing Global Innovations based on patent data ( abstract ) (presentation)

Torben Mahnken and Martin G Moehrle
Identifying European Cross-Industry inventions in the timeframe from 1980 to 2013 – A Combination of PATSTAT and Amadeus search ( abstract )

Marisela Rodríguez-Salvador, René Lezama-Nicolás, Rosa María Río-Belver and Ismael Etxeberria-Agiriano
Translating patentometrics into useful intelligence: the case of 3D bioprinting ( abstract ) (presentation)

Power Talks

Iñaki Bildosola, René Lezama-Nicolás, Rosamaría Río-Bélver and Marisela Rodríguez-Salvador
Technology Roadmapping of Emerging Technologies: Scientometrics, Time Series Analysis and SAO-based Approach ( abstract )

Zhinan Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Ying Huang, Rongrong Li and Yun Chen
Measuring the convergence-divergence activities of technology based on International Patent Classification (IPC): examples from ICT (abstract) (presentation)

Dong Wan, Ying Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Ying Huang and Donghua Zhu
Measuring the Interdisciplinarity of Technology based on Knowledge Flows in Patents: a Case Study in Synthetic Biology ( abstract ) (presentation)

R. Sandra Schillo, Mohammadreza Seifollahi and Diana Inkpen
Mining corporate web sites for innovation measures: Literature review and framework (abstract )


Qingyun Liao, Qi Lv, Ying Wang, Xuefeng Wang and Dong Wan
Expert knowledge similarity measurement using network graph edit distance (abstract ) (presentation)

Elisa Boelman, Thomas Telsnig, Ruth Shortall, Giorgio Bardizza and Anahí Villalba Pradas
Bibliometric Network Densification Patterns for Three Renewable Energy Technologies (abstract) (presentation)

Jue Wang and Liwei Zhang
Knowledge without borders? A re-investigation from the spatial and temporal perspective (abstract ) (presentation)

Session 3B: EMERGENCE 2

Yi Zhang, Nils Newman, Scott Cunningham and Denise Chiavetta
Interactions between data science and policy analysis: Evidence from the perspective of bibliometrics ( abstract )

Philip Shapira, Seokbeom Kwon and Jan Youtie
Tracking the Emergence of Synthetic Biology (abstract)

Nadezhda Mikova
Tech mining tools for technology roadmapping: their usage in trends monitoring and bibliometric analysis ( abstract ) (presentation)


Arho Suominen

Jiao Zhang, Ying Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Ying Huang and Yali Qiao
Exploration of China’s technological innovation capacity from knowledge flow ( abstract ) (presentation)

Bingxiu Gui, Yun Liu, Xiaoli Wang and Zhiye Zhao
An Analysis of Bogie Technology Development: Based on Patent Generational Citation Tree ( abstract )


Lexi White
TechMining LexisNexis: Challenges in Using Legal Journal Articles in Cocitation Analysis and Text Mining (abstract)

Peter Van Den Besselaar and Ali Khalili
SMS: a platform for linking and enriching data for science and innovation studies (abstract )

Matthew Harsh, Alexandra Meikleham, Lisa Maria Negro, Charles C. Onu and Ravtosh Bal
Mapping the computer science research landscape in sub-Saharan Africa: Bibliometric and altmetric analyses (abstract)

Poster Session

Measuring the Convergence-Divergence Activities of Technology Based on International Patent Classification (IPC): examples from ICT Zhinan Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Ying Huang, Rongrong Li and Yun Chen

Content Field Selection for Automatic Patent Classification Caitlin Cassidy Extracting Component Information from Abstract Records for Further Analyses Alan Porter, Nils Newman, Seokbeom Kwon and David Schoeneck

Technology Roadmapping of Emerging Technologies: Scientometrics, Time Series Analysis and SAO-based Approach Iñaki Bildosola, René Lezama-Nicolás, Rosamaría Río-Bélver and Marisela Rodríguez-Salvador

Observatory of Science and Technology: Which Indicators to Use? Maxwel Azevedo-Ferreira, Gustavo Da Silva Motta, Marcella Luiza Santos Mendes and Vanessa Da Silva Garcia

Comparative of Technology Evolution In 3D Printing Sector: Patents and Open Source Innovation. Gaizka Garechana, Rosa Rio-Belver, Iñaki Bildosola and Javier Gavilanes-Trapote

Medical Device Regulations and its Impact on Industrial Technological Capability: A Case Study of the United Kingdom and South Africa Andrew Mkwashi