Global TechMining Conference 2022

Conference Proceedings

Extended Abstracts

Thursday, November 3

Power Talks 1A “Short Talks on Applications of TechMining”

Prosumer engagement in the context of digital intelligence transformationTianshu Kang, Lidan Jiang, Jiaqi Liu
Bibliometric study about company’s internationalization strategyMaxwel Azevedo-Ferreira, Deborah Zouain, Josir Gomes
Technological Mapping of Vegetable Biomasses for Conventional Plastics ReplacingKarolyne Leandra Melo, Luisa Luz Marçal, Filipe Nery Dutra Cabral Gomes, Simone Alves
Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Fight COVID-19: Technological Prospecting based on patents” Daniel Reis Armond-de-Melo, Karla Susiane dos Santos Pereira, Lana Goncalves Rodrigues, Dalton Chaves Vilela Junior

” Technological Prospecting in Public Health Policies: an Innovative Approach for the Decision Making Process” Lincoln Pereira, Filipe Gomes, Felipe Semaan

Power Talks 1B “Short Talks on Methods for TechMining”

Discussion of Moves Recognition in Scientific Documents under limited SamplesXin Zhang, Haiyun Xu
A Study of Citation Recommendation by Fusing Heterogeneous Network Representation Learning and Attention Mechanisms” Jinzhu Zhang, Mengmeng Qiu
From cooperation to citation or from citation to cooperation? Yan Qi
Topic diversity: A discipline scheme-free diversity measurement for journals Yi Bu, Mengyang Li, Weiye Gu, Win-Bin Huang
Research on Technology Opportunity Recognition and Evaluation Based on Semantic Mining and Knowledge Network” Xiao Zhou, Yaqian Gao, Jiayi Fan, Ying Guo

Session 2A: “Methods for Tech Mining”

2-years after Reliance on Science: Discovering patent-to-article citing sentences by supervised classification Mei Yun Lai, Thomas Pastuska, Korinna Bade, Martin G. Moehrle
New Perspectives on Trademark Categorization using Text Analytics Alex Lehmann
Full-text citation pattern analysis based on the enriched cited references: A discipline comparison perspective Fengxuan Lv, Luhe Wang, Yifei Yu
Human-Robot Interaction patent prediction through Long Short-Term Memory network Jon Borregan-Alvarado, Izaskun Alvarez-Meaza, Ernesto Cilleruelo-Carrasco, Gaizka Garechana-Anacabe

Session 2B: “Exploring Technology Emergence and Convergence”

Towards an Information Technology Convergence Index: A Keyword Extraction Approach Using arXiv Data Jacques Roitel, Dimitri Percia David, Alexander Glavackij, Alain Mermoud,Thomas Maillart, Alessandro Tavazzi
Graph-based Deep Learning Method on Analyzing Complex CO2 Capture Inventions” Ming Sin Choong, 
Amy J.C. Trappey, Kai Lun Huang, Chih Ping Liang, Ai Wildan Nabila
The Technological Emergence of Quantum Communication: A Patent Analysis Xiaoyu Liu, Yuwei Huang, Yalong Yan, Shuhuan Chen, Xiaomei Tai
The Emergence of Inter-organisational Networks in Emerging Technologies: The Case of Microneedles Daniele Rotolo, Angelo Natalicchio, Alan Porter, David J. Schoeneck

Session 2C “Profile of States of USA: Nanotechnology Research Emergence”

This presentation will share the results of research supported by US National Science Foundation Award #759960 – “Indicators of Technological Emergence” – to profile state’s (of the USA) in order to determine cutting edge nanotechnology research. Alan Porter

Session 2D “Mapping the Emergence of Innovation Ecosystem

“Contrasting Inventiveness between the Haves and have nots: Mapping the technological profile of MNCs and SMEs in South Korea and Taiwan” Hon-Ngen Fung and Chan-Yuan Wong
“Realizing Diversification and Innovation Ecosystem: A Case Study of Macau SAR’s Smart City Development Capabilities” Yujia He, Felix Tan, Carmen Leong, Jingbo Huang, Don Rodney Ong Junio
“Explore the Rational Behind Partner Selection Using Data-driven Agent-based Modeling Simulation” DuenKai Chen, An-Chen Kao, Shih-Hsin Chen
“Applying the Analytic Hierarchy Process on Patent Search Strategy” Hung-Chi Chang and Shih-Hsin Chen
“Research Landscape of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Opportunities and Methodologies” SHIH-HSIN CHEN, RIDER FOLEY , SAID RAMIREZ, NATASHA TIANGCO

Friday, November 4

Power Talks 3A: “Short Talks on Tech Mining with Novel Data”

Data Scraping Method: Using Wget in SearchesOtavio Alves de Brito Lucindo da Silva
Analyzing health risk on technology of mRNA vaccine by integrating publications and Twitter data Munan Li
Identifying data-driven innovative companies: A web mining approachDenilton Darold
Analysis of Research Projects Focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies applied to COVID-19Karla Susiane dos Santos Pereira, Daniel Reis Armond-de-Melo, Lana Goncalves Rodrigues, Dalton Chaves Vilela Junior

Session 4A “Tech Mining with Novel Data”

Scaling-up of an Index of I4.0-Readiness of German Companies – applying ML models based on website dataRainer Frietsch, Denilton Darold
Explainable NLP for Monitoring the German Automotive Industry” Andrea Zielinski,
 Henning Kroll, Anna Grimm
ArenaBox- Leveraging Language Models and Multimodality for Sustainability Oriented Tech Mining of Intermediary Organizations on Twitter? Babajide Owoyele, Victor Omolaoye, Moritz Schneider

Session 4B “Understanding and Forecasting Technology Life Cycle”

Is disequilibrium collaboration really conductive to catch-up in enabling technologies” Lidan Jiang, Ziqi Zhang, Ying Huang
Discovering potential application areas for technology using function-based SAO semantic analysis” Yali Qiao
A heterogeneous network-enhanced approach for knowledge recombination prediction Mengjia Wu, Yi Zhang
Tracking the dynamic technological development by exploring the science-technology linkage: From the perspective of technology life cycle Dongmei Ye, Lin Zhang, Ying Huang