2018 Manchester Forum on Data Analytics, Tech Mining & Innovation Policy

September 5, 2018
8:30– Opening remarks
8:45– Research in Progress Presentations (time slots for 5-minute presentations + Q&A)

  • Amir Ebrahimi Fard (Delft University of Technology). Analysing the Maturity Level of Rumour Studies using Technology Emergence Framework
  • Heeyong Noh (University of Cambridge). Development of a taxonomy for promising technology based on text mining analytics
  • Etty Tri Widyastuti (Delft University of Technology). Public Funding and Autonomous University Influence on Research Productivity: Case Study in Indonesia
  • Stephen Carley (Search Technology and Georgia Tech). Visualizing Emergent Countries Using Heatmap Technology
  • Enara Zarrabeita (University of the Basque Country). Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Biomedical Engineering Applications: Research Trends and Scientific Impact
  • Angel Salazar (Manchester Metropolitan University). Community Detection in Multiplex Innovation Networks.

9:35– Daniele Rotolo (University of Sussex). Do Firms Publish? A Cross-Sectoral Analysis of Corporate Publishing
10:00– Catherine Beaudry (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal). Using web content analysis for innovation studies: A case with web-based indicators on innovation performance

10:40– Keynote: Jonathan Adams (ISI, Clarivate) Opportunities and pitfalls of topic modelling
11:05– Jan Youtie (Georgia Institute of Technology). Testing Technological Emergence
11:30-Peter Thomas-Keefe (UK Intellectual Property Office). A Machine-Learning Based Approach to Patent Allocation
12:45– Frédérique Bone (University of Sussex). Exploring the `Corporatisation’ of Research: The Cases of Colorectal, Lung, and Prostate Cancers
13:10– George Richardson (Nesta) Network analysis of topic occurrences to identify and map innovations in health funding data
13:35– Peter Evans (UK Intellectual Property Office). Identifying product/technology groups within patents to provide new analytical perspectives and identify ground-breaking, disruptive or emerging technology
14:20– Scott W. Cunningham (TU Delft). Research Evaluation and the Organizational Embodiment of Knowledge
14:45 -Nikola Milosevic (University of Manchester). Exploring social innovation through text mining
15:10– Plenary discussion and closing remarks