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Welcome to our online community. All visitors are encouraged to browse, and learn by visiting:

  • Articles and Publications-Text-analytics have been used for numerous management of technology (competitive technological intelligence, technology roadmapping, technology process management, etc.) as well as science and innovation policy applications (research evaluation, social network analysis, etc.). This site is a place to share examples of published research.
  • Global TechMining Conferences and Forums-This site is a place to share conference and forum presentations.

Browse the content by entering a term in the SEARCH box, navigating posts via the CATEGORY listing, or clicking on a TAG of interest.

In addition, members with login credentials are encouraged to contribute! (see instructions below).

Current licensees of VantagePointAcademic and VPStudent Edition software also have login credentials to access:

  • VP How To-This site is a library of documents, videos, and other “how-to” resources pertaining to VantagePoint functionality and text-mining analytics.
  • VP Macros-VantagePoint can run scripts—written in Visual Basic (Scripting Edition) from Microsoft Corporation—to automate repetitive functions. This site is a place to share and rate scripts written by VP Institute members for VantagePoint software.
  • VP Import Filters-These files (end in a “.conf” extension for “configuration” file) translate the text data into a database format so it can be used in VantagePoint software. This site is a place to share import filters written by VP Institute members.
  • VP Thesauri-The VantagePoint thesaurus function is used to reduce or clean-up a list. This site is a place to share thesauri written by VP Institute members.
  • Discussion Forum-This site is a virtual meeting room for text-mining related discussion topics as well as a place for VantagePoint users to receive tech support.

To contribute ARTICLES and PUBLICATIONS, VP MACROS, VP IMPORT FILTERS, or VP THESAURI, click on “Add New – Post” on the top menu bar while on the appropriate page. There is space for the title and text body, as well as options to insert file, tags, and categories. All posts are moderated, so your contribution will be reviewed and edited for format before it is publicly published. A reviewer will contact you if there are additional questions about your submission.

To provide short, supplemental information to specific content (e.g. published papers, macros, etc.) add your text in the LEAVE A REPLY box and click on “Post Comment.” Examples of short supplemental information may be “updated research can found at….” or “related research can be found at…”.

To ASK A QUESTION about VantagePoint functionality, it is best to add your text in the LEAVE A REPLY box and click on “Post Comment” as described above to the specific function as it relates to “VP How-To’s.” If your question does not related to a specific functionality, “Post Comment” to  VP Tech Support. 

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