Global TechMining Conference 2018

Proceedings of 8th Global TechMining Conference
September 11, 2019. Leiden, The Netherlands.

Session 2A: Using Topics

Munan Li
Visualizing Dispersed Risk Signals for a Specific Emerging Technology: A Novel Approach of Keywords Aggregation across Topics (KAaT) (short paper) (presentation slides)

Caner Aksoy, C. Okan Sakar and Sercan Ozcan
Text Enrichment-Based Enhanced Patent Mining using Clustering Techniques (short paper)

Huseyin Caferoglu and Martin G. Moehrle
Technological convergence as antecedent of technological speciation – Applying dynamic topic modelling and patent-laning to the action camera technology (short paper)

Xuemei Yang, Xuefeng Wang, Jia Li, Xinglu Wang and Anran Zhu
Evaluation of Enterprise Technology Competitiveness Based on Technology Topics (short paper) (presentation slides)

Session 2B: Innovation Indicators

Elisa Boelman, Thomas Telsnig and Geraldine Joanny
Insights from bibliometric network properties into technology evolution – wind energy example (short paper) (presentation slides)

Ying Guo, Yali Qiao, Xiangpeng Lian and Lili Zhang
Knowledge Transfer in Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Network: A Perspective of Crossing the “Valley of Death” (short paper)

Wonsang Lee
How do the innovative technologies spread? (abstract)

Giuditta de Prato, Montserrat López Cobo, Sofia Samoili, Riccardo Righi and Melisande Cardona
The Techno Economic Segments (TES) analytical approach applied to the Artificial Intelligence emerging ecosystems in the perspective of policy support (short paper)

Session 3A: Science-Technology

Haiyun Xu, Rui Luo, Dong Kun, Yue Zeng-Hui, Yan Qi and Shu Fang
Study on innovation path recognition based on topics association of science and technology (short paper) (presentation slides)

Jos Winnink
Science-technology interactions: using NPLRs as glue (short paper) (presentation slides)

Seonho Hwang and Juneseuk Shin
Neural Network-Based Paper-Matching with Relevant Products through Patents (short paper) (presentation slides)

Jia Li, Xuefeng Wang, Yujia Hou, Jiayun Wang and Yuqin Liu
Technology opportunity identification combining SAO semantic analysis and link prediction (short paper)

Session 3B: Methods in Technology Management

Daniele Rotolo and Michael Hopkins
Exploring Barriers to Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) (abstract)

Kronemeyer, Kathi Eilers, Michael Wustmans and Martin G. Moehrle
A new method for Monitoring Competitors’ Innovation Activities. Creating Competitive Patent Maps Based on Semantic Anchor Points (abstract)

Karl Trela, Yuri Campbell and Friedrich Dornbusch
Exploring TF-IDF encoding for comprehensive industry partners’ selection (short paper) (presentation slides)

Yali Qiao, Xuefeng Wang, Dong Wan, Xiaotong Han and Lin Zhu
Identifying Potential R&D Partners: Combination of Technology Complementarity and Absorptive Capacity (short paper)

Session 4: Power Talks

Gaizka Garechana, Rosa Rio-Belver, Iñaki Bildosola and Ernesto Cilleruelo

Guopeng Li, Ting Chen and Xiaomei Wang
Science Map of Nature Index High-quality Research

Zeng Li, Zili Li, Meixin Mao and Yang Zhao
Detecting the Landscapes and Hotspots of Scientometrics: A Full-Text Citation Analysis based on Semantic Technology (short paper)

Mao Meixin, Li Zili, Zhao Zhao, Zeng Li and Zhao Yang
Bibliometric Analysis of the Semantic Mining Research Status with the Data from Web of Science (short paper) (presentation slides)

Serhat Burmaoglu, Olivier Sartanaer and Munan Li

Yujia Hou, Xuefeng Wang, Xuemei Yang, Mengge Xia and Yuqin Liu
Technology Complementarity Measurement on Enterprise Level Based on Technical Topics (abstract)

Fan Yang, Haiming Wang, Weiwei Fan and Lin Han
Bibliometric evaluation of space earth science in countries along the Belt and Road

Yan Qi, Zhengyin Hu, Ziqiang Liu, Haiyun Xu and Ran Zhang
Exploration of a Science-technology Relationship Index and its Measurement Algorithm (short paper)

Session 5A: Technology Evolution

Marc Neville, Mazahir Bhagat and Amira Khadr
Patenting in Post-Secondary Institutions (abstract) (send inquiries regarding conference presentation to

Ying Huang, Lidan Jiang and Alan L. Porter
A patent citation-based perspective to explore the technology life cycle (short paper)

Zhengyin Hu, Ling Wei, Xiaochu Qin, Yi Wen and Chunjiang Liu
Technology Evolution Analysis Based on SPO using patent documents: a Case Study of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (short paper) (presentation slides)

Xiaotong Han, Donghua Zhu, Xuefeng Wang, Yuqin Liu and Yali Qiao
R&D trend analysis based on patent mining:an integrated use of patent application and invalidation data (short paper)

Session 5B: Novel Data

Sercan Ozcan, Sushant Chatufale and C. Okan Sakar
Social Media Mining for Ideation by using Classification Methods (abstract)

David Boye, Sercan Ozcan and Tobi Fajana
Examining Consumer Oriented Innovations: A Crowdfunding Text Mining Approach (short paper)

Chunjuan Luan
An Exploration on the Frontier of Energy Industries: A Perspective of Scientific-Innovation (abstract) (presentation slides)

Ting Chen, Xiaomei Wang and Guopeng Li
Mapping Research Funding in 2D and 3D by t-SNE (short paper)(presentation slides)

Session 8: Poster Session

Maria Simone Menezes Alencar, Daniel Giacometti and Luciene Nunes
Social Innovation as a research field: worldwide landscape of leading actors and research themes

Raogo Kabore, Yvon Kermarrec and Philippe Lenca
Performance Comparison For Multi Class Classification Intrusion Detection In SCADA Systems Using Apache Spark (abstract) (full paper)

Serhat Burmaoglu and Ozcan Saritas

Lin Han, Weiwei Fan, Fan Yang and Haiming Wang
Bibliometric Analysis of Solar System Exploration Missions