Global TechMining Conference 2019

Proceedings of the 9th Global TechMining Conference October 17, 2019 Atlanta, GA

Session 2A: Network Analysis

Bixuan Sun and Gabriel Chan A Network-Based Automated Approach for Identifying Technological Spillovers with an Application in Solar Photovoltaics (abstract)

Daniele Rotolo and Stephen Carley Emerging Terms and Co-authorship Dynamics: The Case of Microneedle Technology (abstract)

Nora Altgilbers, Lothar Walter and Martin G Moehrle Frugal invention candidates as antecedents of frugal patents – the moderating role of frugal attributes analysed in the medical engineering technology (abstract)

2B: Novel Data

Zhengyin Hu, Zhiqiang Zhang, Ning Yang and Xiaochu Qin Research on subject profile of stem cell based on knowledge graph (abstract) (presentation slides)

Xin Li, Yang Wen, Mingjie Fan and Lucheng Huang Identifying the potential emerging technologies: A machine learning approach using academic papers and Twitter data (abstract)

Georges Hage, Catherine Beaudry and Pierre Therrien The adoption patterns of advanced technologies in Canada (abstract)

3A: Topic Identification

Munan Li Identifying the latent technology opportunities based on a perspective of coupling publications with patents (abstract) (presentation slides)

Arho Suominen and Arash Hajikhani Evaluating the effect of time and journal quality to topics: Structural topic models of scientific publications (abstract) (presentation slides)

Yi Zhang, Jianjiu Ou and Zhinan Wang Term-based topic extraction incorporating word embedding techniques: A comparative study (abstract)

Omar Ballester and Orion Penner Evolution of Topics and Novelty in Science (abstract) (presentation slides)

3B: TechMining Methods

Shuo Zhang, Xuefeng Wang, Yali Qiao, Heng Huang, Xiaotong Han and Xinglu Wang Revealing Distinct Association Patterns in Disease-Gene-Drug Based on Coupling Network and Subject-Action-Object-Triples (abstract)

Ying Huang, Fang Zou, Lixin Chen and Lin Zhang A enhanced text-based approach to identify and trace technological topics: Illustrated for additive manufacturing (abstract)

Jiayun Wang, Xuefeng Wang and Mengge Xia Research on Potential Drug Side Effects Recognition Based on SAO Semantic Network (abstract)

Mengge Xia, Xuefeng Wang and Xinglu Wang Research on Evolutionary Process Recognition of Therapeutic Technology for Complicated Diseases (abstract)

Session 4: Power Talks

Rebecca Jansen, Maude Lethiecq-Normand and Erica Wiseman A Multidimensional Bibliometric Indicator to Identify Top Players (presentation slides)

Xinglu Wang, Xuefeng Wang and Jiayun Wang Research on Technology Opportunity Analysis of Treating AIDS Based on Link Prediction in Dynamic Networks (abstract)

Xin Li, Mingjie Fan, Yang Wen and Lucheng Huang Monitoring and Forecasting the Development Trends of Emerging Technologies Using Text Mining and Citation Analysis: The Case of Nanogenerator Technology (abstract)

Pitambar Gautam A scientometric and text mining approach to identify the research hotspots and emerging topics on Himalaya using the Web of Science records (presentation slides)

Ning Yang, Yi Wen, Zhengyin Hu and Zhiqiang Zhang A Big Data Knowledge Computing Platform for Information Research (abstract)

Session 5: Measuring Tech Emergence Contest Special Session

Noting rich synergies among analyses treating different facets of tech emergence, the VPInstitute sponsored a Measuring Tech Emergence “contest” this past April 2019 to generate novel and viable indicators. In this special session, we present contest winners as well as showcase the variety of approaches and challenges.

Welcome and Overview (presentation)

*Jin Mao, Chao Ma and Zhentao Liang Identifying Emerging Technology: A Neural Network Based Solution  (presentation slides)

*Shuo Xu, Liyuan Hao, Guancan Yang and Kun Lu A Machine Learning Framework for Predicting Emerging Technologies (presentation)

Ziqiang Liu, Haiyun Xu, Zenghui Yue, Guoting Yuan, Yan Qi, Zhengyin Hu and Ning Yang A study on emerging topics discover by text mining (abstract) (presentation slides)

Edgar Schiebel, Maximilian Förster, Robert Kalcik and Birgit Stelzer Measuring Tech Emergence: Selected bibliometric approaches for the identification of emerging and promising technologies (abstract)

Yuan Zhou, Zihong Wang and Wei Ding Co-word Network Embedding: A Way to Detect Emerging Technology (abstract)

Yang Guancan, Lu Kun and Xu Shuo Predicting Emerging Technologies: A Text Mining Approach Based on The Temporal Exponential Random Graph Model (TERGM) Methodology (abstract)

Li Tang, Yin Li, Hong Pan, Tianyuan Huang, Yuhan Yang, Xiaonan Pan and Linan Wang Forecasting technology emergence: Scenario exploration and prediction accuracy (abstract) (poster – winner of GTM2019 poster contest)

Session 6A: Using Web Data

Rainer Frietsch, Peter Neuhäusler, Jasmin Ramadani and Antje Schimke Interdisciplinarity beyond bibliometrics – (in)validation of website information as an indication of interdisciplinarity (abstract) (presentation slides)

Mikaël Héroux-Vaillancourt, Catherine Beaudry and Margaret Dalziel Could the organisation’s websites be a valid data source for research? – An analysis of the complementary nature between web-based indicators and traditional indicators in innovation studies (abstract)

Sanjay Arora Comparing website measures on R&D with patenting indicators (abstract)

Session 6B: Network Analysis II

Yi Zhang, Lu Huang, Yihe Zhu and Chang Wang A dynamic network analysis method for identifying emerging technology (abstract) (presentation slides)

Xiaowen Xi, Ying Guo, Jing Wang and Xinna Song LDA Meets Word2Vec: A Novel Model for Measuring Technology Similarity (abstract)

Jin Wang, Ying Guo and Xiaowen Xi Identifying Key Technology Convergence Based on Complex Network and Sentiment Analysis (abstract)

GTM/TPAC Poster Contest 

Sungho Cho A study on evaluation methodology for preliminary (ex-ante) feasibility analysis of government R&D program in Korea (abstract)

Minki Kim, Jaewon Kang and Namil Kim Public R&D funds for influential publications 

Duenkai Chen and Shihhsin Chen Proximity and Cluster Effects: The Case of Emerging Biotechnology Innovation Networks (abstract)

Duenkai Chen, Suxin Chong, Kazushige Sato, Kenas Christano Umbu Zogara and Hannah M. Fakatou Detecting Fake News via Machine Learning- A Literature Review and Comparison of Existing Algorithms (abstract

Yanpeng Wang, Tao Han, Yajuan Zhao and Fang Chen Identifying Key Technologies Based on Scientific Papers Using Clustering and Complex Network Theory 

 Di Zhang and Fu Hai Leng Identification and Analysis of Innovation Value Stages in Research Fronts and follow-up studies(abstract) (poster)

Shihhsin Chen, Tsung-Yu Chen, Chih-Ching Lin, Jia-Chen Xie, Thanh Tri Nguyen and Vivian Yu-Ting Chou A Comparative Analysis on R&D Collaborations in Emerging Sectors: The Emergence of AIOT (abstract)

Shihhsin Chen and Dorna Chuang A Study on Global M&A and Innovation Networks in Life Science Sector 

Kuanchu Chen and Shihhsin Chen The Emergence of Global 3D Printing Innovation Ecosystem (abstract)

Yan Qi Exploring a Method of Detecting Cross-topics of Science and Technology (abstract)