Profiling Leading Scientists in Nano-Biomedical Science: Interdisciplinarity and Potential Leading Indicators of Research Directions

Nano-biomedical science (NBMS) is a promising area in the application of nanotechnology. This paper profiles a group of 21 leading scientists in nanobiomedicine based on high publication rate and high citations.  Comparisons with other researchers indicate that the leaders publish more in high impact journals and collaborate more extensively (team science).

They reside most heavily in the USA and Western Europe.  We compare their research publications using multiple indicators – integration, specialization and a multidisciplinary index.  Relations among interdisciplinarity indicators generated support a 3-factor model based on principles of diversity.  We locate this research among the disciplines using science overlay mapping.  Key term analyses, based on keywords and on natural language processing (NLP) help profile the research emphases of these leading researchers.  Such results could serve as leading indicators to help identify directions of future nano-bio development.

Authors: Ruimin Pei and Alan L. Porter
Organization(s):  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology
Year: 2007

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