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This script allows users to create a subfield from a larger field containing strings of text separated by commas or semi-colons (i.e. the user could use this tool to create an Affiliation (Name Only) field from an Affiliation (Full) field). It assumes that macros are enabled in Excel. To use this script take the following steps:

1. Download Create_Subfield.vpm and Create_Subfield.xlsm to your VP macros folder.*
2. Modify the Search_KWS sheet in Create_Subfield.xlsm to contain search keywords of interest. The macro will search each string of text separated by commas or semi-colons for these keywords, and if it finds a match will assign the search result as the new list item name. So, for example, if you were interested in grabbing strings of text containing affiliation names you would want to populate Search_KWS with words like: agency, college, hospital, institute, lab, university, etc. Since this was the original intent of the macro it comes configured with these keywords, but they can be easily changed to accommodate other fields as well. After modifying the Search_KWS sheet save and close Create_Subfield.xlsm.
3. Open a list in VP that contains text separated by commas or semi-colons and run Create_Subfield.vpm. The script may take a few moments for larger fields.
4. After it finishes running Create_Subfield.vpm will save a thesaurus called Create_Subfield.the to your Documents folder. Run this thesaurus on your base field (i.e. the field that you ran Create_Subfield.vpm on) to create a new subfield containing strings of text affiliated with the keywords you entered in the Search_KWS sheet.

*C:\Program Files\VantagePoint\Macros

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