The Profile of Academic Research in Technology Supply

The aim of this article is to analyze the profile of academic research regarding the supply of technology. Among the many aspects, this involves identifying the demands for technology to ascertain the alignment of these demands with the development of technologies to solve problems in the market. In this context, the present scientometric analysis involved the following procedures: (1) definition of the most suitable terms for extraction of data from articles related to the theme of interest; (2) search for and extraction of relevant information from the databases used; (3) clean-up and organization of the names of the authors, institutions and countries; and (4) analysis of the final data. The main results show that the theme is of global interest and is present in a wide range of areas, such as medicine and engineering, and that interest has been growing in recent years with the entry of new authors. On the other hand, the area is still immature, since the relationship network among authors is weak.,%202015/BMR(0323)-V4-N5-January-2015-SI-III-65.pdf

Author(s): Maxwel de Azevedo-Ferreira, Gustavo da Silva Motta, and Rogério Hermida Quintella
Organization(s): Fluminense Federal University (UFF) and Bahia Federal University(UFBA)
Source: Business and Management Review
Year: 2015

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