A bibliometric analysis on clinical research of trichosporonosis from PubMed database

OBJECTIVE: To give an outline of the development of clinical research on trichosporonosis worldwide by an overview of related literature from PubMed for providing ideas and basis for further research.

METHODS: Medical literature on clinical trichosporonosis in PubMed database was analyzed by using a bibliometric tool, Thomson Data Analyzer. The distributions of years, nations, journals, and currently hot topics on trichosporonosis were analyzed.

RESULTS: The literature of trichosporonosis was traced back to 1970, went through the period of rapid growth from 1981 to 1992, the numbers of paper published every year was stable recent years. Japan has leading advantages in the field of trichosporonosis. The numbers of papers from United States, India, Brazil, France and China were on the top, while Ando M and Araki S from Kumamoto University Medical School and Sakata T from Saitama Medical School were the top three authors in these publications. The journals published the most papers of trichosporonosis were Japanese Journal of Thoracic Diseases and Journal of Clinical Microbiology. Hot topics in the field of trichosporonosis were related to diagnosis, treatment, status of host immune and pathogenesis of Trichosporon spp.

CONCLUSION:Japan and United States are the top two countries in this field. More Chinese research teams join to this field of trichosporonosis research in recent five years. Diagnosis and treatment are the hot topics in this field.


Author(s): LIAO Yong, LV Xue-lian, TANG Qing-long, YANG Su-teng, LIU Han, and YANG Rong-ya
Organization(s): General Hospital of Beijing Military Command (Second Military Medical University) and General political department of PLA China
Source: Chinese Journal of Mycology
Year: 2014

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