Visualizing the intellectual structure and evolution of innovation systems research: a bibliometric analysis

Despite increasing awareness of the need to trace the trajectory of innovation system research, so far little attention has been given to quantitative depiction of the evolution of this fast-moving research field. This paper uses CiteSpace to demonstrate visually intellectual structures and developments. The study uses citation analysis to detect and visualize disciplinary distributions, keyword co-word networks and journal cocitation networks, highly cited references, as well as highly cited authors to identify intellectual turning points, pivotal points and emerging trends, in innovation systems system research from 1975 to 2012. As with other science mapping software tools (eg, Bibexcel and VantagePoint), CiteSpace can be used to produce and analyze co-occurrence network of key words and subject categories (co-word analysis), and co-citation networks of authors, documents and journals.

Author(s): Zhigao Liu, Yimei Yin, Weidong Liu, and Michael Dunford
Organization(s): Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Union University, University of Sussex
Source: Scientometrics
Year: 2015

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