Patent information retrieval: approaching a method and analysing nanotechnology patent collaborations

Many challenges still remain in the processing of explicit technological knowledge documents such as patents. Given the limitations and drawbacks of the existing approaches, this research sets out to develop an improved method for searching patent databases and extracting patent information to increase the efficiency and reliability of nanotechnology patent information retrieval process and to empirically analyse patent collaboration. A tech-mining method was applied and the subsequent analysis was performed using Thomson data analyser software. The findings show that nations such as Korea and Japan are highly collaborative in sharing technological knowledge across academic and corporate organisations within their national boundaries, and China presents, in some cases, a great illustration of effective patent collaboration and co-inventorship. This study also analyses key patent strengths by country, organisation and technology.

OPEN ACCESS article. For Full-text, go to

Author(s): Sercan Ozcan, Nazrul Islam
Organization(s): University of Portsmouth, University of Exeter
Source: Scientometrics
Year: 2017

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