Global patent analysis of power lithium-ion battery separator

The development of technologies related to power lithium-ion battery separator has been taken place in recent years. In order to provide appropriate decision references for the industry development, patent analysis was carried out. On the basis of Derwent Innovation Index (DII), global patents related to power lithium-ion battery separator were analyzed from aspects of global development scale and trend, technology fields, geographic distribution, top assignees. The findings show that power lithium-ion battery separator industry has entered fast-growth stage. In branch technology fields, raw materials are the priority research and development (R&D) areas of power lithium-ion battery separator. Japan has applied for a large number of patents and occupied the leading position. Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation, Toray industries, Tonen Chemical Corporation possess strategic advantages over other enterprises in the current competitive situation of international separator market.

Author(s): Na Li; Quan Guan ; Siming Tan ; Yunfei Wang ; Zhiyong Chu ; Jin Liu
Organization(s): Qingdao Institute of Science & Tech. Inf.
Source: 2015 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM)
Year: 2015

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