Composing technology roadmapping according to bibliometrics: hybrid model and empirical study

Technology roadmapping is considered a powerful instrument for technology assessment and forecasting, and the composing model for technology roadmapping is also a hot topic in the field of technology visualization. This paper tries to introduce a bibliometric method involving with terms frequency analysis and association analysis to construct the objects and their relationships in the technology roadmapping, and blend with expert knowledge to locate each object in the appropriate layer and time interval.

Technology roadmapping is drawn in a half automatic way, in which terms and IPCs are retrieved and clustered by systematic software, and the classification and adjustment in technology roadmapping are finished by experts. Moreover, an empirical study of EV (electric vehicle) proves the applicability and effectiveness of this hybrid composing model for technology roadmapping.


Author(s): Yi Zhang, Donghua Zhu, Xuefeng Wang, Ying Guo, Hongshu Chen, Changli Liu,
Jing Xu, Xiaofan Heng, Xiaoguang Lu
Organization(s): Beijing Institute of Technology
Source: International Conference on Computer Communication and Management
Year: 2011

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