Technological Indicators of Nanocellulose Advances Obtained from Data and

Nanocellulose is remarkable cellulose-based nanomaterials that have a potential for
innovation and sustainable appeal. Their advances can be assessed using patent indicators and text  mining techniques. The aim of this study was at analyzing the advances in nanocellulose based on  indicators compiled from patents filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)  from 2000 to 2012. Assignees, technological subjects, highly cited patents, applications and types of  nanocellulose were obtained by mining structured and unstructured data. The results highlighted the  different interests in the USA market, mainly after 2007. Mined terms from titles and abstracts could  add further information to the analysis. However, although the method applied was useful, it was not
sufficient to identify all applications and types of nanocellulose involved in the sample analyzed, therefore it is recommended that other document parts be included in future analyses.


Author(s): Douglas Henrique Milanez, Roniberto Morato do Amaral, Leandro Innocentini Lopes de Faria, José Angelo Rodrigues Gregolin
Organization(s): Federal University of São Carlos
Source: Materials Research
Year: 2014

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