Scientometric Study on Deep Learning for Human Decision Support (Full-Text)

In order to assist with long-term R&D planning and the prioritization of research topics, this scientometric study was commissioned by the Department of National Defence of Canada (DRDC) to provide a high level overview of worldwide research activity in the field of deep learning for human decision support. This study will assist DRDC in uncovering and understanding the potential impact of new research on future defence and security capabilities and operations. In all, 8,565 references to publications from 2011-2016 were retrieved and analyzed using text mining software and a variety of visualization tools to identify top architectures, emerging trends, key players, collaboration networks, application areas and limitations.


Author(s): Erica Wiseman
Organization: National Research Council of Canada / Knowledge Management (NRC-KM)
Source: NRC-KM Strategic Technical Insights
Year: 2017

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