Graphene: The Worldwide Patent Landscape in 2013

In 2011 the Patent Informatics team at the Intellectual Property Office analysed patenting activity relating to graphene following a noticeable increase in the number of graphene-related patent applications filed in the UK. Since then the activity in this area has continued to grow in a seemingly exponential manner, as has the media hype surrounding it. Given the perceived imminent commercialisation and high profile nature of graphene and its apparent interest to scientists, technologists and policy-makers alike, an updated report has been produced looking at the worldwide graphene patent landscape in 2013 and how it has changed over the last couple of years.

Patenting in graphene has exploded in recent years; the number of published graphene patent applications worldwide between 2010 and 2012 has more than tripled and there has been an order of magnitude difference in the yearly publication figures over the last five years. Samsung holds the largest patent portfolio relating to graphene and given their substantial collaborative research with Sungkyunkwan University, who hold the second largest patent portfolio, these two applicants appear to be the market leaders. However, despite the apparent dominance of these two Korean organisations, the leading country in the field is China who has almost twice as many inventions relating to graphene than Korea.

Organization: Intellectual Property Office

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