Combining tech-mining and semantic-TRIZ for a faster and better technology analysis: a case in energy storage systems

Understanding and anticipating the evolution of technologies is an increasingly complex task attributable to the interdisciplinarity of the technology and the explosion of information about the research and patent activity. By combining the capabilities of tech-mining in identifying and in highlighting trends, weak signals, with those of semantic-TRIZ (Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) in identifying the functions, its causes and effects, a better understanding of the trends may be obtained in a shorter time. An interesting trend in the use of graphene in cathode materials, as well as its applications, mainly to enhance the conductivity and the discharge and recharge of the Li–air battery, has been quickly assessed as a result of the combined techniques. Another two cases, the increased presence of nanostructures in cathodes and the emergence of LIFePO4 in the lithium–ion batteries have been also analysed in a short time. The results may predict the good possibilities of the combination of these two evolving techniques.

Author(s): José M. Vicente Gomila and Fernando Palop Marro
Organization(s): The Polytechnic University of Valencia
Source: Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
Year: 2013

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