Uncovering the structures and maturity of the new service development (NSD) research field through a bibliometric study (1984–2014)

This study aims to develop a deeper understanding of the new service development (NSD) research field. It addresses its scientific production, social and intellectual structures, and maturity.

This study uses a bibliometric-based literature review. Quantitative and qualitative analyses are performed on a sample of 277 NSD articles (published from 1984 to 2014). These articles are organized into four periods to improve the analyses from an evolutionary perspective: Early Writings (1984–1995), Advancing of Literature (1996–2001), Progressive Literature (2002–2008), and Recent Works (2009–2014).

The scientific production in the NSD field has grown significantly over these four periods, and the entry of new authors has extended the social structure. However, collaboration networks seem disconnected from one another. Nonetheless, the intellectual structure has shown great progress, making NSD an independent area of research and discovery from the new product development domain, with its own foundations and expansions into new topics. Although the NSD research field has not yet reached maturity, it is consistently moving toward it.

This study delivers a multiperspective view of research on NSD using a mixed quantitative and qualitative approach. It provides new insights into the discussion of the field’s maturity and can be used as a roadmap for academics and practitioners who would like to understand the state of existing knowledge and are looking for research opportunities.


Author(s): Glauco H.S. Mendes, Maicon Gouvea Oliveira, Eduardo H. Gomide, José Flávio Diniz Nantes
Organization(s): Federal University of Sao Carlos, Federal University of Alfenas
Source: Journal of Service Management
Year: 2017

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