Twenty-five years’ contribution of “Benchmarking: an International Journal” to manufacturing strategy: a scientometric review

This study aims at reviewing the articles on the themes of manufacturing strategy (MS) published in “Benchmarking: An International Journal (BIJ)” and investigating the trends of publication for future research. Five-stage methodology to conduct a literature review is adopted comprising: (1) article collection, (2) inclusion/exclusion criteria, (3) reviewing the articles, (4) analyzing the articles and (5) future research directions. A total of 57 articles specific to MS domain published in BIJ are reviewed. Further, a bibliometric analysis comprising keywords co-occurrence, citation and co-citation using a VOSviewer software followed by content analysis using VantagePoint software to analyze the type of research, type of industry and type of tool/method used is carried out. The study helps to find the scope of the journal and research gaps in the MS domain to provide future research directions. Most of the work found is survey-based or case-based in nature. However, there is a need for empirical research to be done in the field of MS.The study facilitates researchers willing to publish in BIJ to understand different themes of accepted papers concerning MS domain. The identified research gaps and future research direction can motivate researchers and practitioners to coin new approaches in the MS domain. A comprehensive review and analysis of the MS literature published in BIJ has been provided. To the best of authors’ knowledge, the current study is the only review study in MS domain focusing on one specific journal.

Author(s): Vishwas Dohale, Angappa Gunasekaran, Milind M. Akarte, Priyanka Verma
Organization(s): National Institute of Industrial Engineering/India, California State University Bakersfield
Source: Benchmarking: An International Journal
Year: 2020

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