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Nanotechnology Research in Post-Soviet Russia: Science System Path-Dependencies and their Influences

This paper contributes to the analysis of Russian research dynamics and output in nanotechnology. The paper presents an analysis of Russian nanotechnology research outputs during the period of 1990-2012. By examining general outputs, publication paths and collaboration patterns, the paper identifies a series of quantified factors that help to explain Russia’s limited success in leveraging its ambitious national nanotechnology initiative. Attention is given to path-dependent institutionalised practices, such as established publication pathways that are dominated by the Academy of Sciences, the high centralisation of the entire research system, and issues of internal collaborations of actors within the domestic research system.

Author(s): Maria Karaulova, Oliver Shackleton, Abdullah Gök, and Philip Shapira
Organization(s): Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester
Source: Proceeding of 15th International Conference on Scientometrics and Infometrics
Year: 2015