Scientometric Analysis of Library and Information Science Journals 2003–2012 Using Web of Science

This article highlights the research productivity and scholarly communication of library and information science professionals during 2003–2012 by using Web of Science databases from 40 library and information science core journals. Data was interpreted by using two open-source software Vantage point (powerful text-mining tool for discovering meaningful result from raw data) and CiteSpace II to visualize the library and information science growth and trends. Underlying results indicated that mainstream of authors (12,847, 69.9%) published their article as a single author from 2003–2009, this trend has declined and collaborative number of publications trend has inclined during the last 3 years. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign produced 95 (0.52%) of the total publications and stands at the leading position. The maximum number of publications was carried out by universities rather than non-academic institutions. This article identified that Asian countries, such as China, Taiwan, India, and Iran, are still in its infancy stage. The present study could be considered as a useful tool for effective allocation of research funds in the research community and academic world of library and information science to enhance the research process.

Author(s): Munazza Jabeen, Liu Yun, Muhammad Rafiq, Misbah Jabeen and Muhammad Azam Tahir
Organization(s): Beijing Institute of Technology, University of the Punjab, Nanjing University
Source: International Information & Library Review
Year: 2015

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