Recommendations from paediatric dentistry associations of the Americas on breastfeeding and sugar consumption and oral hygiene in infants for the prevention of dental caries: a bibliometric review

The internet provides a plethora of information, including concerning health issues. The aim of this paper is to identify online recommendations of paediatric dentistry associations of the Americas (PDAAs) regarding breastfeeding practices, weaning, sugar introduction and initiating oral hygiene. Websites of PDAAs were access to record recommendations/questions (Q) relevant to early childhood that specifically covered issues about exclusive breastfeeding‐Q1, indications of artificial breastfeeding‐Q2, when and how should indicate weaning‐Q3 and Q4, respectively, association of breast milk and dental caries‐Q5, the period recommended for starting oral hygiene and how to go about introducing it‐Q6 and Q7, respectively, and guidance on the introduction of sugar‐Q8. Similarity/dissimilarity frequencies between the associations (Euclidean distances) were calculated. From 35 countries on the two American continents, 21 associations were affiliated with the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry and/or the Latin American Pediatric Dentistry Association, while eight did not have websites. Higher(p<0.05) dissimilarities for Q6(68.2%), Q7(72.7%) and Q8(62.1%) were observed. Results were similar for Q1 and Q5(p>0.05). No association mentioned Q3 or Q4 responses, while Q7 was the most frequently discussed issue. Not all of the investigated issues are mentioned on websites of PDAAs, potentially stymieing efforts by both the layperson and health professional to gather information.

Author(s): Aline Gomes Silva Cerqueira, Marcela Baraúna Magno, Fernanda Barja‐Fidalgo, José Vicente Gomila, Lucianne Cople Maia, Andrea Fonseca‐Gonçalves
Organization(s): Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State University, Polytechnic University of Valencia
Source: International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry
Year: 2020

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