Bibliometric analysis of advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) in wastewater treatment: global and Ibero-American research trends

Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) constitute a developing area of particular interest for researchers in different fields due to their broad range of applications. However, there are few studies dedicated to the bibliometric analysis of AOPs. Hence, a systematic literature review of research publications (research articles, review articles, and book chapters) from 1980 to 2018 was carried out to visualize and evaluate research trends on AOPs around the world and, especially in Ibero-America (IA), on the field of wastewater treatment. Using the most extensive databases in literature search, Scopus and Web of Science (WoS), which encompass 95% of the publications in the world, a total of 18,751 records were retrieved by limiting the search results to words associated with AOPs in the titles, keyword, and abstracts. Raw data were manually organized and filtered, standardizing authors and institution names, publication titles, and keywords for the purpose of eliminating double-counted entries. Similarly, homonymous authors and institutions were identified for all records retrieved. The bibliometric dataset was processed using the VantagePoint software. The research trends visualized about AOPs were as follows: number of publications per triennium, publications by country, participation by continent, most important journals and authors, most referenced institutions, global network of co-authors, and keywords network visualization, highlighting the Ibero-American contribution to global research.

Author(s): Iván F. Macías-Quiroga, Paula A. Henao-Aguirre, Alexander Marín-Flórez, Sandra M. Arredondo-López & Nancy R. Sanabria-González
Organization(s): Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Source: Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Year: 2020

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