Puberty in the Last 25 Years: A Retrospective Bibliometric Analysis (FULL-TEXT)

Puberty research has been highly productive in the past few decades and is gaining momentum. We conducted an analysis of bibliographic data, including titles, abstracts, keywords, indexing terms, and citation data to assess the sheer numbers, audience and reach, publication types, and impact of puberty‐related publications. Findings suggest that puberty‐related publications are increasing in sheer numbers, and have reach in many fields as befits an interdisciplinary science. Puberty‐related publications typically have higher impact in terms of citations than the journal averages, among the journals that published the most studies on puberty. Limitations of the field and recommendations for researchers to improve the impact and reach of puberty‐related publications (e.g., clear conclusions in abstracts, highlighting the importance of puberty) are discussed.

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Authors(s): Kristine Marceau, Savannah Hottle, Jane Kinkus Yatcilla
Organization(s): Purdue University
Source: Journal of Research on Adolescence
Year: 2019

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