Prospects and Trends in the Brazilian Market for Biologically Sourced Products

The aim of this paper was to select the most interesting Brazilian biopharmaceuticals, with the best market opportunity for production. The biopharmaceuticals filgrastim, infliximab, somatropin, imiglucerase, betainterferon and factor VIII were selected because they are not produced in Brazil and thus could increase the technological capacity of domestic production. The use of a data mining tool facilitated the results achieved here, using the patents deposited in several banks worldwide as the source information. The prospects and trends of producing biopharmaceuticals in Brazil are of great interest to the country to establish a competitive industry and reduce the vulnerability of the National Health System, such as display windows of opportunity, showing the possibility of moving towards the production of biopharmaceuticals.

Author(s): Luciana da Silva Madeira, Suzana Borschiver, Nei Pereira Jr.
Organization(s): Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Source: Journal of Technology Management & Innovation
Year: 2012

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