Portrait of China’s R&D Activities in Nano-Science and Nanotechnology in Bibliometric Study

China has made great improvement in some critical scientific subject, like nanoscience and nanotechnology. This study explores the state-of-the-art developments of China in nanoscience and nanotechnology, as the previous study showed that China has become the second leading nation in terms of its share of “nano-prefixed” publications all over the world. Patent applications are also included in this study, as there are considerable efforts underway that aim to commercialise nanotechnology, and it is also an important aspect of R&D output. In particular, this study compares the rising pattern of nano-publication and nano-patents, to showcase the gap which lies between the knowledge base and technology base. Furthermore, this study investigates the research focus for both publications and patents in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The findings suggest that the strong presence of publications in MATERIALS SCIENCE, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY and APPLIED PHYSICS are also in line with China’s overall research focus; while there are also many inventions focused on novel formulations of pharmaceutical products which have recently applied in Chinese Traditional Medicine. Finally, the cross-analysis of top organizations and Derwent Classification indicates that the collaboration links between organizations are relatively weak, though their technologies are highly concentrated in some similar areas. Collaborative research is a double edged-sword which may either mutually enhance the research base, or damage to the competitive advantage in commercialization.

Author(s): Yi Zhao, Nan Ma
Organization(s): Beijing Jiaotong University
Source: Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 535 – 537)
Year: 2012


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