Identification of technology frontiers of artificial intelligence-assisted pathology based on patent citation network (FULL-TEXT)

Patents related to artificial intelligence-assisted pathology were searched and collected from the Derwent Innovation Index (DII), which were imported into Derwent Data Analyzer (DDA, Clarivate Derwent, New York, NY, USA) for authority control, and imported into the freely available computer program Ucinet 6 for drawing the patent citation network. The patent citation network according to the citation relationship could describe the technology development context in the field of artificial intelligence-assisted pathology. The patent citations were extracted from the collected patent data, selected highly cited patents to form a co-occurrence matrix, and built a patent citation network based on the co-occurrence matrix in each period. Text clustering is an unsupervised learning method, an important method in text mining, where similar documents are grouped into clusters. The similarity between documents are determined by calculating the distance between them, and the two documents with the closest distance are combined. The method of text clustering was used to identify the technology frontiers based on the patent citation network, which was according to co-word analysis of the title and abstract of the patents in this field.


Author(s): Ting Zhang,Juan Chen,Yan Lu,Xiaoyi Yang,Zhaolian Ouyang
Organization(s):Institute of Medical Information & Library, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College
Source: PloSone
Year: 2022

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