Development of carbon-based nanomaterials indicators using the analytical tools and data provided by the web of science database

The recent rise of nanotechnology and nanomaterial research is marked by the huge amount of publications indexed in electronic databases, which can be evaluated using bibliometric indicators in order to help researchers find hidden trends, gain novel insights and support new scientific developments. Although in-depth analyses require specialized software and advanced methodologies, some initial indicators can be developed using the analytical tools available in databases and provide useful information about a specific subject or research field. This paper aims to explore the Web of Science’s analytical tool for analyzing the scientific output regarding carbon-based nanomaterials. The results provide several key findings, including research trends and publications in carbon nanotubes, fullerene and graphene, as well as revealing the main global players and journals from 2001 to 2010. Despite the usefulness of the analytical tool, a number of limitations hindered the development of important indicators, such as those involving citation and collaboration.

Author(s): D.H. Milanez, M.T. Schiavi, R.M. do Amaral, L.I.L de Faria and  J.A.R. Gregolin
Organization(s):Federal University of São Carlos – UFSCAR
Source: Materials Research
Year: 2013

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