Collaboration in science and technology organizations of the public sector: A network perspective

Engaging in collaborative networks can be an important facilitator of innovation for public sector science and technology (S&T) organizations. It is also an important component of S&T policies that require indicators that can assess the networks through which these organizations innovate. In this study, we apply network indicators to two S&T organizations that are part of the Brazilian public health sector. The indicators cover two complementary perspectives: one that considers the organizations’ scientific networks and the other that considers their technological networks. The indicators allowed the analysis of the networks in which the organizations were engaged and the understanding of important aspects of their collaboration patterns that can support strategic decisions. The method employed in this paper proved to be a valuable diagnostic tool and a useful mechanism for evaluating the performance and supporting the development of S&T institutions.

Author(s): Bruna P. F. Fonseca, Elton Fernandes and Marcus V. A. Fonseca
Organization(s): Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, (Fiocruz)
Source: Science and Public Policy
Year: 2016

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