China’s Growing Contribution to Global Intracranial Aneurysm Research (1991–2012): A Bibliometric Study

We sought to analyze the growing worldwide trends of intracranial aneurysm research, investigate China’s recent contribution, and compare the contributions of mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Global and China intracranial aneurysm-related publications were retrieved from the Web of Science database from 1991 to 2012. Excel 2007, Matlab, and Thomson Data Analyzer (TDA) software were used to analyze the search results for number of publications, cited frequency, h-index, and organization contributions. A total of 16,468 global papers were identified that were cited 27,3500 times until 2013-08-15. The United States accounted for 31.497% of the articles, 58.64% of the citations, and the highest h-index (127). Japan and Germany followed in frequency. China’s articles ranked eighth (third in 2012) in total number, with most of the contributions occurring since 2002 (91.33%). China was at the early stage of the logic growth curve (exponential growth), with the citation frequency and h-index per year increasing. The quality of the publications was low. The main research centers were located in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The main Asian funding body was the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The number of publications and frequency of citations of papers from mainland China was greater than that of Taiwan or Hong Kong.


Global intracranial aneurysm research has been developing swiftly since 1991, with the United States making the largest contribution. Research in China started later, in 2002. Since then, China has increased its rate of publication, and became the third largest contributor by 2012.

Author(s): Ze-jun Jia, Bo Hong,  Da-ming Chen, Qing-hai Huang, Zhi-gang Yang, Cha Yin, Xiao-qun Deng,  and Jian-min Liu
Organization(s): Changhai Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)
Source: Plos ONE

Year: 2014

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