Can resources act as capabilities foundations? A bibliometric analysis (Full-paper)

The objective of this article is to record the trends of study regarding the relationships between resources and capabilities, through a review of the literature of its definitions and typologies from 1984-2016, followed by a bibliometric analysis during the period 2001-2016. For this analysis, we used records of the Web of Science. The analysis includes indicators annual productivity, by countries and authors, most productive magazines and most cited articles. A low productivity was identified, 2010 the year with the largest number of articles published. United States leads in number of articles related to the topic. The most cited articles were published in 2003 and the most productive authors have 3 publications each. Thus, important academic gaps are evident, which is why future study paths are suggested.

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Author(s): Mileidy Álvarez-Melgarejo and Martha Torres-Barreto
Organization(s): Universidad de Investigación y Desarrollo;
Source: Revista UIS Ingenierías
Year: 2018

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