EScore Heatmap

This script can be used to create a heat map of the technical emergence indicator (EScore) generated in VantagePoint.

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To use:

  • Copy the attached .vpm and .xlsm files to an empty folder
  • Copy a VantagePoint file with a Country and Emergence Score compound field to the same folder (or any compound field containing country-level data)
  • Open this field. It will look similar to this:

  • Select the list items you’d like to see mapped and then run the attached .vpm
  • Your browser will automatically launch and display a heatmap for selected list items. If you hover your mouse over a given country its score will appear. If you click on a given country your browser will zoom in to and center on this country. If you click on the home icon (in the top left of the screen) the map will reset.

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