Biodiesel: Innovation and Intellectual Property

Global concern about climate change and the increasing demand for energy has drawn the attention of scientists, policymakers and various other stakeholders to look for alternative sources of clean and renewable energy, especially transportation fuel. Biodiesel currently produced from vegetable oils and animal fats have been found to be an ideal blending material and replacement for diesel as it is compatible with existing diesel engines, reduces tailpipe emissions and is biodegradable. The main objectives of this paper are to overview the present status of public policies in innovations in biodiesel in Brazil as the all of the world correlating with patents and scientific articles published in this field. For this study we used the software VantagePointv7, extracting and analyzing results from patent databases and academic publications in this field.

Author: Angela Machado Rocha
Source: 5th Congresso Brasileiro da Rede de Tecnologia de Biodiesel (, 8th Congresso Brasileiro de Plantas Oleaginosas,Óleos, e Gorduras Vegetais.
Year: 2012

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