Additive Manufacturing and Supply Chain: A Review and Bibliometric Analysis

The additive manufacturing studies has been increased in the last years, positioning in the scientific community. This paper analyze the literature about the relation between Additive Manufacturing and Supply Chain, with the final purpose of giving an exhaustive vision and to present and initial parameter in future researches. Using a bibliometric analysis 497 published articles in the last 25 years were evaluated, 78 articles of which were selected that are related in the AM and SC topic, identifying the publishing tendency, the principles authors and the impact of the articles and the magazines. Also, there are knowledge networks and geographic location of the most influential countries.


Author(s): Jairo Nuñez, Ángel Ortiz, Manuel Arturo Jiménez Ramírez,Jairo Alexander González Bueno, Marianela Luzardo Briceño
Organization(s): Pontificia Bolivariana University
Source: Engineering Digital Transformation. Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering. Springer, Cham
Year: 2018

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