Academic Review and Perspectives on Robotic Exoskeletons (FULL-TEXT)

Since the first robotic exoskeleton was developed in 1960, this research field has attracted much interest from both the academic and industrial communities resulting in scientific publications, prototype developments and commercialized products. In this article, to document the progress in and current status of this field, we performed a bibliometric analysis. This analysis evaluated the publications in the field of robotic exoskeletons from 1990 to July 2019 that were retrieved from the Science Citation Index Expanded database. The bibliometric analyses were presented in terms of author keywords, year, country, institution, journal, author, and the citation. Results show that currently the United States has taken the leading position in this field and has built the largest collaborative network
with other countries. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) made the greatest contribution to the field of robotic exoskeleton investigations in terms of the number of publications, average citations per publication and the h-index. In addition, the Journal of Neuro Engineering and Rehabilitation ranks first among the top 20 academic journals in terms of the number of publications related to robotic exoskeletons during the period investigated. Author keyword analysis indicates that most research has focused on rehabilitation robotics. Biomedical engineering, rehabilitation and the neurosciences are the most common disciplines conducting research in this area according to the Web of Science (WoS). Our study comprehensively assesses the current research status and collaboration network of robotic exoskeletons, thus helping researchers steer their projects or locate potential collaborators.



Author(s): Guanjun Bao, Lufeng Pan , Hui Fang, Xinyu Wu , Haoyong Yu ,
Shibo Cai, Bingqing Yu, and Yuehua Wan

Organization(s): Zhejiang University of Technology; Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Year: 2019

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