A Historical and Bibliometric Analysis of the Development of Agile (Book Chapter)

This chapter starts with a brief history of software development from a summary of traditional approaches and presents the conditions that led to agile approaches such as product complexity, shortened life cycle of the market and eventually to the widespread acceptance of Scrum. The authors then compare the narrative to the bibliometric analysis of abstract records that can be found in the Web of Science database. They parse the terms from the abstract records to identify research trends over time and map the underlying structure of agile research. Finally, they consider the future of Agile-Scrum in light of the current pandemic.


Author(s): Cherie C. Trumbach, Kenneth R. Walsh, Sathiadev Mahesh
Organization(s): University of New Orleans
Source: Agile Scrum Implementation and Its Long-Term Impact on ORganizations
Year: 2021

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