Tech mining to validate and refine a technology roadmap

This study uses ‘tech mining’ (extracting intelligence from R&D data) to validate and refine the content of a particular section of a landmark roadmap of nanotechnology for aeronautics. We utilize topical content from publications and patents to analyze the developmental status of nanocomposite coating technologies. This enables us to validate predictions made by specialists, as presented in the target technology roadmap section. Moreover, we augment that roadmap section by providing additional information on nanocomposite-related emerging technologies. This study supports use of tech mining as a means to inform technology roadmapping, both when creating a new roadmap and to check progress.

Author(s): Geet Lahoti, Alan L. Porter, Chuck Zhang, Jan Youtie, Ben Wang
Organization(s): Georgia Institute of Technology
Source: World Patent Information
Year: 2018

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