National nanotechnology research prominence

A new bibliometric technique enables one to distinguish high emergence topical content. This technique can be applied to sets of research publication abstracts reflecting a given technical domain (here, nanotechnology) to score cutting edge research terms. The resulting high emergence terms warrant special consideration in setting R&D priorities. The researchers (individuals, organizations, or countries) whose publications address those emergent terms heavily deserve consideration as possible leaders in that technical domain. This paper studies nanotechnology research publications using the new emergence scoring in conjunction with established bibliometric publication and citation measures. Findings challenge U.S. superiority in cutting edge nanotechnology research. China shows strongest at addressing emergent nanotechnology topics, followed by the U.S., South Korea, India, and, surprisingly, Iran.

Author(s): Alan L. Porter, Jon Garner, Nils C. Newman, Stephen F. Carley, Jan Youtie, Seokbeom Kwon, Yin Li
Organization(s): Search Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Fudan University
Source: Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
Year: 2018

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