Tech Mining for Future-Oriented Technology Analyses

TechMining extracts useful intelligence from electronic science & technology text information sources. This information can serve needs to know about current activities (e.g., profiling who’s doing what in a target area). It can also serve FTA interests in several ways:

• identifying R&D emphases that portend future developments
• providing time series for trend extrapolation and growth modeling
• generating “innovation indicators” that speak to the prospects for successful technology applications [The Tech Mining book identifies some 13 enduring Management of Technology (“MOT”) issues, that spawn about 40 questions, which some 200 innovation indicators help answer.
This paper presents the history of the TechMining for FTA method, it’s outputs and uses, “how to do it,” an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses, use in combination with other methods, and frontiers of the method.

Author: Alan L. Porter
Year: 2009

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