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Some Latin American Plants Promising for the Cosmetic, Perfume and Flavor Industries

Medicinal plants have been used in the prevention, diagnosis, and elimination of diseases based on the practical experience of thousands of years. There is a pressing need to initiate and transform laboratory research into fruitful formulations leading to the development of newer products for the cure of diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and hepatitis, as well as coping with multi-drug resistance problems. This book presents recent developments in the research on medicinal plants for different diseases, formulation of products, and market strategy.

This chapter discusses the potential of a group of Latin American plants in applications in the cosmetic, perfume, and flavor industries. It is organized in six parts: 1) text mining of scientific literature for plants, applications, and countries, 2) botanical description of the species, 3) chemical and biological aspects. 4) exploitation and sustainability of natural resources, 5) development of patents, and 6) formulations and applications.

Author(s): Amner Muñoz Acevedo, Erika A. Torres, Ricardo G. Gutierrez, Sandra B. Coles, Martha Cervantes-Diaz, and Geovanna Tafurt-Garcia
Organization(s): Universidad del Norte, Universidad Santo Tomás, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Source: Therapeutic Medicinal Plants: From Lab to Market, CRC Press, 2016
Year: 2016