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Bibliometrics: Visualizing the Impact of Nursing Research

Nurse scientists commonly weigh the impact of their work on the discipline of nursing as well as within the larger healthcare arena. Bibliometrics, a statistical method used in citation and content analysis, is a quantitative approach for calculating output and for analyzing value and merit of scientific output. Bibliometric mapping is a method for visually representing bibliometric data. A synthesis between creative design and information visualization, bibliometric mapping highlights the impact of given research on a discipline and has the potential to foster increased data comprehension. Widely used in the field of information science, bibliometrics has received less attention in nursing and healthcare. This paper describes the methodological considerations for bibliometrics, software that could be considered for citation analyses, and an exemplar that shows the visual richness of bibliometric mapping. Recommendations are made for facilitating bibliometric analyses.

Author(s): Paige M. Alfonzo, Teresa J. Sakraida, and  Marie Hastings-Tolsma
Organization(s): University of Colorado
Source: Online Journal of Nursing Informatics
Year: 2014