Meta Data: Big Data Research Evolving across Disciplines, Players, and Topics

We present a meta-analysis of BigData research activity since 2009. Our purpose here is to present “tech mining” (bibliometric and text analyses of research publication abstract record sets) to provide a research landscape of who is doing what, where, and when. Our larger purpose is to help Forecast Innovation Pathways for big data & analytics over the coming decade. We download 7006 research publication abstracts from Web of Science resulting from a search algorithm devised to recall a high percentage of core BigData research and a moderate percentage of peripherally related research (fair recall). We find interesting engagement of different disciplines in Big Data over time. On a national level, the USA and China dominate these fundamental research publications to a striking degree. Mapping topics presents interesting evidence on what topics are emerging in this dynamic field.

Author(s): Porter, A.L. ; Ying Huang ; Schuehle, J. ; Youtie, J.
Organization(s): Georgia Institute of Technology
Source: 4th IEEE International Congress on Big Data (BigData Congress)
Year: 2015

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