Global scientific production, international cooperation, and knowledge evolution of public administration

Public administration is a discipline with considerable history, and is also a diverse, interdisciplinary field in social science. To analyze its evolution, discover the present research foci, and predict future development trends, this study applied scientometrics visualization technology to evaluate over 72,000 scientific articles from the 1920s to 2020s. This research referred to the SSCI and JCR databases to gather scientific data of the discipline and the journals’ impact factor. Consequently, paper citations, cited journals, journal co-citations, author co-citations, authoritative papers, top countries, productive institutes, average references, and research collaboration trends were analyzed on the bases of the published literature. This study found top productive journals in the discipline, discovered productive countries and institutes, present the research foci, and predicted future development trends. Through this study, scientific production, international cooperation, and knowledge evolution mode of public administration research offers a clear knowledge map of the public administration discipline.

Author(s): Peng-Hui Lyu, Ming-Ze Zhang, Chuan-Jun Liu, Eric W. T. Ngai
Organization(s): Sichuan University,The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Source: Public Administration
Year: 2022

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