Foresight through Strategic Technology Intelligence for Collaboration and Innovation Pathways (FULL-TEXT)

Formulating a strategic direction for long-term growth is critical to address the challenges of technological competitiveness in the globalisation era. This article presents a case study of the technology of shelf life extension for agricultural foods. We propose strategic technology intelligence (STI) as an approach that combines quantitative tools with a qualitative technique using technological experts to judge and strengthen the findings. Cases from the patents database were extracted for analysis using the text mining software. The results illustrate that this particular technology has potential for growth and related research has been increasing. In addition, collaboration among researchers and organisations is essential to foster the speed of R&D and boost knowledge exchange. The findings can be useful for policymakers, managers, and researchers as a decision-making tool for further implementation and execution.


Author(s): Jakkrit Thavorn, Nongnuj Muangsin, Chupun Gowanit, Veera Muangsin
Organization: Chulalongkorn University
Source: Proceedings: 2020 ISPIM Connects Bangkok – Partnering for an Innovative Community
Year: 2020

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