Changes in the Intellectual Structure of Service Innovation and Service System in The Digital Age: An Interdisciplinary Analysis From 1986 To 2015 (full-text)

In the past thirty years, growth in all service sectors and rapid advances in
information and communication technologies (ICT) have revealed new
challenges for improving service systems through service innovation. Although,
these areas of researches are closely related, few studies have
investigated the relationship between these areas. This study aims to analyse
the changes in the intellectual structure of service innovation and service
system research in the digital age in order to a better understand its
origins, current state, and future directions. Drawing on bibliometric methods,
our proposed methodological approach combines the co-words, cocitation
analysis with the qualitative thematic analysis. We perform an extensive
co-words and co-citation analysis using multidimensional scaling
(MDS), as well as factor analysis and principal component analysis (PCA)
to examine 20.950 key terms. These key terms, extracted from 796 articles,
published in 277 journals over three decades (1986-2015), indexed in ISI
Web of Science and/or Scopus. Subsequently, we examine topics of the
recent studies, over the period of the last 5 years, through a thematic
analysis. Results provide a ‘comprehensive view’ of the intellectual structure
of service innovation and service system in the digital age, how they
both are evolved and their related topics over time; Moreover, it clarifies
the main players in bridging conceptual domains of research.

Full-text paper

Author: Milena J. Silva-Morales
Organization: Grenoble Alps University
Source: 26th Annual RESER Conference
Year: 2016

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